Kleinmann Genealogy

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x, x, x, x, Ireland


Country : Latitude: 53.412910, Longitude: -8.243890


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barrington, Charlotte  abt. Oct 1846x, x, x, x, Ireland I0434
2 Blank, Catherine  abt. May 1885x, x, x, x, Ireland I1365
3 Blank, Mary F.  abt. Aug 1883x, x, x, x, Ireland I1364
4 Flannagan, Alice  23 Aug 1861x, x, x, x, Ireland I1090
5 Foran, John  abt. 1848x, x, x, x, Ireland I0509
6 Kane, Christopher  abt. 1864x, x, x, x, Ireland I0887
7 Kane, Margaret  abt. 1867x, x, x, x, Ireland I0457
8 Kane, William  abt. 1885x, x, x, x, Ireland I0527
9 McNamee, Hugh  abt. 1850x, x, x, x, Ireland I2643
10 O'Connor, Johanna  abt. Jun 1850x, x, x, x, Ireland I0510
11 Sennett, William  abt. 1829x, x, x, x, Ireland I0531
12 Sennett, William  02 Jan 1849x, x, x, x, Ireland I0433
13 Wall, Margaret  abt. 1836x, x, x, x, Ireland I0456
14 X (Carroll), Nora  abt. 1838x, x, x, x, Ireland I4092
15 X (Kiggins), Margaret  abt. 1828x, x, x, x, Ireland I1366
16 X (Sennett), Jane  est. 1829x, x, x, x, Ireland I0532