Kleinmann Genealogy

Discovering our North American and European Ancestors

x, x, x, x, Germany


Country : Latitude: 51.165691, Longitude: 10.451526


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bach, Fred  14 Aug 1879x, x, x, x, Germany I2470
2 Bender, Mary  abt. Nov 1851x, x, x, x, Germany I0046
3 Blank, Mary  24 Jul 1837x, x, x, x, Germany I0921
4 Feuerstein, Adalbert  12 Aug 1828x, x, x, x, Germany I0240
5 Feuerstein, George Thomas  14 Apr 1806x, x, x, x, Germany I0312
6 Franz, Jacob  abt. Jul 1857x, x, x, x, Germany I0143
7 Gabauer, Frances  12 Nov 1874x, x, x, x, Germany I1839
8 Herman, Victoria  abt. 1852x, x, x, x, Germany I4086
9 Hesse, Emilie Charlotte  30 Aug 1852x, x, x, x, Germany I0071
10 Hof, Anna M.  27 Feb 1874x, x, x, x, Germany I1894
11 Hof, Annie M.  abt. 1876x, x, x, x, Germany I4317
12 Hof, Bertha  abt. Jun 1872x, x, x, x, Germany I1903
13 Jung, Jacob William  16 Dec 1872x, x, x, x, Germany I4316
14 Klein, Maria Margaretha  abt. 1701x, x, x, x, Germany I0744
15 Kouse, Elizabeth  abt. 1843x, x, x, x, Germany I1385
16 Linder, Emma  22 Jul 1880x, x, x, x, Germany I1948
17 Meyer, Elizabeth  11 Sep 1863x, x, x, x, Germany I1870
18 Reutzel, Henry  25 Sep 1846x, x, x, x, Germany I0070
19 Ruffing, George  abt. 1836x, x, x, x, Germany I1486
20 Schaff, Margaret  16 Aug 1875x, x, x, x, Germany I1060
21 Sommer, Lawrence  abt. 1858x, x, x, x, Germany I4380
22 Tentrus, Henry C.  21 Apr 1869x, x, x, x, Germany I4093
23 Vogel, John D.  abt. 1849x, x, x, x, Germany I1421
24 X (Jung), Fredericka  abt. Apr 1846x, x, x, x, Germany I0517
25 X (Sommer), Mary  abt. 1860x, x, x, x, Germany I4381
26 Yost, Mary  abt. Aug 1864x, x, x, x, Germany I1834


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Feuerstein, Adalbert  05 May 1868x, x, x, x, Germany I0240